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Chakor Monastery and the Relic-stupa of Ngawang Drakpa

Witness the Historical Return of Khejok Rinpoche to his monastery, Dhe-Tsang, in 1993, the first time since his leaving in the 1950's

Witness the Grand Welcoming Ceremony of Khejok Rinpoche's entrance to the rebuilt Dhe-Tsang Monastery in 1997

The Annual Unveiling Ritual of the Giant Thangka of Dhe-Tsang

The Unveiling of the Giant Thangka
The Consecration of the Giant Thangka

The Annual Ritual Cham Dance at Dhe-Tsang. The Cham Dance usually lasts for 2 to 3 hours and have a number of scenes with many characters in wrathful masks. The wrathful masks and the ritualized movements are symbolic teachings on Death & Impermanence, the importance of Compassion, distinguishing between virtues and non-virtues and the wisdom leading to triumph over evilness.

The Black Hat Masters
The Deer Dance
The Horned one

The consecration of the 25 feet Tsong Khapa statue at Dhe-Tsang

The Preserved Protector Hall of Dhe-Tsang, built in 1414 by Ngawang Drakpa

Dhe-Tsang Monastery's Grand Prayer Hall

Dhe-Tsang Monastery's Maitreya Hall and its 40 feet statue

Dhe-Tsang Monastery's Tsong Khapa Hall and its 25 feet statue


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His Eminence Khejok Rinpoche chanting the long mantra of the Great Compassion in Sanskrit
(from the CD 'Sounds of the Heavens' by Khejok Rinpoche, published by IBLP Hong Kong)

His Eminence Khejok Rinpoche and disciples chanting the Prayers to the 21 Taras in Tibetan
(from the CD 'Tears of Compassion' by Khejok Rinpoche, published by DTMF)

Dhe-Tsang monks chanting the Heart Sutra

Dhe-Tsang monks chanting Gadan Lhagyama prayer

Dhe-Tsang monks chanting the Mahakala prayer

Dhe-Tsang monks chanting Ngawang Drakpa (founder of the monastery)'s prayer

Ritual music of the annual cham dance

Ritual music played at the ceremonial procession

The sound of the famous gong summoning monks to the monastic gatherings

The story of the gong

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