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The Foundation was founded by His Eminence Khejok Rinpoche and his Hong Kong disciples in 1995 as a non-profit organization registered with the Hong Kong government and is a member of the Buddhist International Alliance. Other than the main projects of Dhe-Tsang Monastery's restoration, the Foundation has been involved since 1995 in a number of charity and relief projects both locally in Hong Kong, Tibet proper and Tibetan regions, some of them are listed below.

Projects outside Hong Kong : -

~The Bodhicare Free Clinics

The Foundation is running a free clinic in Tibetan regions offering free consultations and traditional Tibetan medicine to villagers who could not afford the services and the medicine. For those who could, the medicine is provided at costs and the consultations are given free of charge. Plans are underway to start more clinics and, if possible, a mobile clinic, to offer both traditional Tibetan medicine and western medicine. It is our hope that eventually we would be able to train our own Tibetan doctors who would serve in their own native villages and in this way help to preserve Tibetan medical practices.

~Financial aid for school children from under-privileged Tibetan families

The Foundation is currently supporting a number of promising secondary students whose families could not afford the school fees. Our vision is to expand this to include more students, more schools and scholarship or loans for Tibetan tertiary students.

~Supporting the education of monks and nuns both in India and Tibet

The Foundation has been working with Dhe-Tsang Monastery, Sera-Mey Monastic University at Lhasa, Tibet and Sera-Mey Monastic University of India. For details on our on-going Dhe-Tsang Monastery projects, please refer to the Dhe-Tsang Monastery page. We also support monks and nuns as well as monastery projects on a case-by-case basis. A number of monasteries and nunneries in Lhasa and other Tibetan regions have been receiving our financial help.

~Printing and freely distributing Tibetan Buddhist texts to Tibetan monasteries and nunneries

~Publishing and freely distributing as well as supplying at costs Buddhist teachings in China

~Flood relief projects in China

Projects in Hong Kong : -

~Publishing and freely distributing as well as supplying at costs Buddhist teachings locally

~Sponsoring public events of Buddhist teachings and talks

RPCalbum10.gif (79893 bytes) Wutaisan Lam-rim Chenmo month-long teachings & transmission. The event was sponsored by DTMF

~Annual blood donation events

~Working with other organizations against cruelty to animals

~Raising funds for other charity organizations such as the World Vision