Cyber-tour of Dhe-Tsang Monastery

Welcome to the Cyber-tour of Dhe-Tsang Monastery. At the start of the tour, you would see a map of the entire monastic complex. The marks the starting point of the tour. Please follow the red line and arrows that roughly correspond to the traditional prayer-circuit of the monastery, in the clockwise direction as per Buddhist tradition. Each marks an available vantage point. When you move the cursor to a a blue arrow would appear to indicate the direction you would be looking towards. Click on the arrow to view the image which is what you would see if you were at the monastery, standing at the vantage point looking towards the indicated direction. The tour route takes you to various vantage points and inside the major buildings. In most of these buildings you would be able to browse around to see the details.

At some places of interest such as inside the Maitreya Hall, video files are also available for download and viewing. In the Monastic Museum, the entire collection of antiques and historical objects is available for appreciation.

You may abandon the tour at any point and come back later to continue the tour. Clicking the Abandon the Cybertour button will take you back to the previous page. Clicking the Mainpage button will take you back to BIA's main page.

Click here to enjoy the tour